When going to a sporting event, it’s not uncommon to see someone make a fool of themselves while in the stands. People love to have fun and they cheer or boo but sometimes someone takes it too far. If that person happens to be the wife of the head coach of one of the teams playing, that’s something else entirely.

Drew Franklin of Kentucky Sports Radio tweeted video of Lynn Marshall, the wife of Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall, exhibiting some questionable behavior during the Wichita State-Kentucky 2nd round NCAA Tournament game.

The original video was posted on Franklin’s Twitter page but it was around that time that the NCAA wanted Franklin to take down the video, to the point where NCAA officials made sure he deleted the offending tweet.

Franklin then elaborated on what happened on Kentucky Sports Radio:

“Someone from the NCAA came and got my name and told me I could no longer tweet about her because “it made her upset.” I guess it didn’t make anyone else upset when she told Malik Monk to get in the weight room or told Isaiah Briscoe to buy some bigger shorts or told Calipari to “shut the f-ck up” or told Roger Ayers he is garbage or any of the other classy things she yelled between F-bombs.”

“The poor security guard made multiple attempts to calm her down before calling for help and then deciding “we have to be delicate because she is the coach’s wife.”

“But I’m the bad guy for drawing attention to her. I guess I deserved the “MOTHER F-CKER!” after the game.”

“I just hope she has a safe trip back to Wichita.”

This is where things begin to unravel for the NCAA. Franklin’s video seemed rather tame and by itself, wouldn’t be anything serious. You could see security telling Marshall to not stand on her chair but that’s more for her safety that she doesn’t fall than anything. But you could tell that Marshall is drunk and according to others (including Franklin), was screaming obscenities toward the referee, Kentucky coach John Calipari and the Kentucky players. Isn’t it a bit strange that instead of dealing with the drunk adult screaming at student-athletes and the officials on the court, the NCAA has a bigger issue with the person bringing this to light?

In addition, the NCAA making Franklin delete the video in question did absolutely nothing and only put gasoline on an already burning fire. If the NCAA hadn’t done anything, Franklin’s video might have gotten a few hundred retweets, maybe have been the talk of Lexington and some sites for a day or so. Now, everyone is talking about it because the NCAA decided to make it a thing and they even failed at that because Franklin said he was going to post it again (which he did).

This story has become so big, I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a topic on sports talk radio shows across the country on Monday and the video gets played on ESPN multiple times throughout the day. By trying to contain something they knew couldn’t be contained because “once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever,” the NCAA only made more people aware about this.

Their best strategy would have been to let the embarrassing moment slide and, as difficult as this would have been, get Marshall out of there before she embarrassed herself even more. Yes, she’s the coach’s wife and it creates a “delicate situation” but she’s also a grown woman who is drunkenly yelling obscenities at a sporting event. I had to throw people out of sporting events for unacceptable behavior when I was in college and it’s not something you really want to do, but it sometimes has to be done. A sporting event where the participants are in their late teens and in their early 20’s. If we expect the student-athletes to be “model citizens,” maybe we should take a hard look at those adults screaming at them who should know better.

At this point, the NCAA’s only course of action would be to revoke Franklin’s credentials and/or the credentials for Kentucky Sports Radio. But as we have learned in the past, that doesn’t work either and will only exacerbate this story even further. The way I see it, Drew Franklin didn’t serve Marshall drinks or get her to act like that. All he did was take the video. And considering Franklin doesn’t work for the NCAA, it’s not really his concern if what he reports puts the NCAA in a positive light or not. He’s there to report what he sees and he reported, it’s called “doing your job.”

[Kentucky Sports Radio]


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  • Geoffrey

    She is a Drunk.

  • sportsfan365

    Guess this proves the tournament has been a bore so far – as this story isn’t worth reporting from either end.

  • BIG ED

    NCAA is nothing but a communist company

  • Saber Khai

    I’d like to think this was a situation where the NCAA felt there may be some homer-ism involved and they wanted the writer to pull the video because the only purpose for it is to embarrass the opposing team.

    Sadly, this is the NCAA and we all know THAT wouldn’t be within their standards and practices.

  • SatirevFlesti

    What right does some NCAA thug have to tell him to take down the vid or his tweet? If she doesn’t want to have vids online of her making an ass of herself, then she shouldn’t make an ass of herself in public.

    • Mike

      You’re making sense. We’re talking about the NCAA here. Those two things are mutually exclusive.

    • They have no right to suppress the press, it’s outside of their jurisdiction. Some journalists are under stipulations from their boss, as is the case with me, but they’re overstepping their bounds here.

  • tmc

    oh God who cares many people do the same thing just because she’s a coach’s wife doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to do it too this is ridiculous who cares

    • BuffaloRepatriate

      Bull…other people who do the same thing are kicked out of the arena and possibly banned from future events. She got a pass because of who she’s married to.

      • tmc

        Yes she did. So what? Words cant hurt anybody unless youre a little whiny phaggot. Ive seen people throw stuff and not get thrown out. THATS wrong; what she did is nothing.

        • BuffaloRepatriate

          It wasn’t just the words…although I do believe that shouting the f-word when kids are in the area should be grounds for anyone’s ejection. She was also drunk and standing on the collapsible seat…a dangerous mix for herself and anyone near her. It reflects poorly on her, her husband, and the Wichita State athletic community. Hopefully she’ll get the treatment that she needs.

          • tmc

            Like i said; seen worse. Much worse

  • David E. Schultz

    Her behavior also makes me think her husband had hefty bonus in his contract for advancing to the Sweet 16.

  • Audrey Goodlett

    How in the hell can a grown women and being the wife of a head coach of all thing’s,put on a display with her fowl mouth, she should have had her butt removed from the game..

    • Rich Reynolds

      That would be foul mouth, fowl being birds. Thing’s needs no apostrophe. Please learn some grammar and spelling rules

      • Rich Reynolds

        And “women” is plural. As far as I know, Gregg Marshall only has one wife.

  • Hermit

    Is she vomiting under the chairs at the end?

  • Mike

    You had me at “NCAA makes things worse”.