With five minutes to go in Thursday night’s Arizona-UConn game on ESPN2, Bill Walton asked Dave Pasch if he’s ever seen a dog and cat fight. After Pasch said that he has, Walton asked, “Who wins [cats or dogs] in your household?”

And that was followed by a very awkward exchange.

Walton asked about Pasch’s pet Baxter (we assume a dog), and Pasch informed him that Baxter “died three years ago.”

Walton: How’s Baxter doing?

Pasch: He died three years ago.

But this uncomfortable exchange didn’t prevent Walton from being himself for the remainder of the broadcast. A few minutes later, he used a globe to explain to Kyrie Irving that the earth is round.

And there was this interesting moment:


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  • 66pugs99

    Bill Walton is a national treasure. A loon in real life, but wow he can make a boring game interesting. Merry Christmas Bill. Or should I say happy Winter Solstice?

    • TheOriginalDonald


    • James Michael Krause

      I could not agree more!

  • Matt

    I love Bill Walton. He makes the games fun to watch.

  • SlipperyPete

    pssss…. it’s a bit

  • MrBull

    And to think when Walton was at UCLA he had an extreme stuttering issue…….the views and thoughts Walton has are just funny and done right frightening..

  • James Michael Krause

    That was the worst play in the entire history of the organization!! I love Bill Walton! Always have!

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