Why is ESPN using this picture of Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick is the subject of a report by TMZ that he’s being investigated for sexual assault.  Others have said it is merely a “suspicious incident.”  Whatever the case, details are scarce at this time and the 49ers QB has vociferously denied any accusations against him.

So in discussing the case on SportsCenter – why did ESPN use this picture of Kaepernick instead of a standard headshot?  Why the backwards cap and headphones?  I’m not saying there’s any ulterior motive here, but it’s certainly a strange decision that will make people believe there’s something else going on.  Hopefully ESPN isn’t falling into the Instagram trap nonsense that plagued Kaepernick in comparisons to Russell Wilson.

Update: Strangely enough, last night ESPN initially showed a picture of Kaepernick in his 49ers uniform at 12 AM ET, then switched to the headphones photo for the 1 AM edition, and then back again to the uniform at 2 AM ET.  It’s just plain bizarre.

Pics via dpbrugler, Deadspin

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