One of the stranger stories to come out of the Olympics was the accidental discovery of an Olympics human trafficking ring. It involved a man posing as a talent agent who was booking reporters to work for a major network covering the Sochi Games.

Brittney Cason, a TV/radio personality based out of Charlotte, NC was approached by this man through her website. Cason says she and another Charlotte sportscaster were chosen to host the network's coverage of the Olympics. 

As Cason points out, her original research of the man and the company he was representing appeared to be legitimate:

"He had a website displaying his credentials and his Twitter validated his connection with the industry, including interactions with celebrities and other professionals, and someone I worked with even validated his work history.
Meanwhile, he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in conversation. He seemed as legitimate as anyone I’ve ever worked with."

Cason added that she began the process of sending her resume and reel and after four months, she was selected by this man to work the Olympics.

"After going through a lengthy application process of sending reel upon reel of my work and jumping through hoops to audition, I was told I was chosen by a production company in LA who works with the network to be their live event emcee/beat reporter, along with another credible sportscaster in the Charlotte area.
I again did my research and it all checked out."

Now here's where the agent's story begins to fall apart. He asks Cason if she knows of any girlfriends who could join her in Sochi. And without going through the same process she did, the agent hires one of Cason's friends sight unseen. He asks Cason if she get her passport and social security number. This raises a red flag with Brittney.

Cason and the other reporter who was selected to go to Sochi investigate the man's background. They call the company that the agent was supposed to represent and they find that it has no record or knowledge of him. The company tells Cason and her friend not to go to Sochi, gets its corporate lawyers involved as well as the FBI. 

Now why would someone go through all of the trouble to lure several women to Sochi as part of human trafficking ring? That's the mystery of this whole story, but as Cason discovered, the Olympics are used to lure young American women so they can be sold at high prices in foreign countries.

And while Brittney and her friend did not go to Sochi, they appear to be happy that they stayed home to watch the Games instead of falling victim to a trap. 

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