Hemorrhoids cost Hawk Harrelson the 1968 Triple Crown

On Thursday’s episode of High Heat with Christopher Russo on MLB Network, Russo spoke with Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson. The interview never quite dove into “the will to win” depths, but Harrelson did talk about the time he nearly won the Triple Crown, but was prevented doing so because of a battle with hemorrhoids.

Wait, what?

I can’t believe Russo didn’t follow up on this. In 1968, Harrelson led the American League in RBI, finished third in home runs, and ninth in batting average. But Harrelson was playing much better heading into August, topping eventual batting champion Carl Yastrzemski by eight points in batting average and trailing home run leader Frank Howard by four home runs. Then, the hemorrhoids hit, and his season ended without the accolades he may have received from winning the Triple Crown.

Imagine that…Hawk Harrelson, Triple Crown winner. It almost happened, if it weren’t for those pesky hemorrhoids.

Joe Lucia

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