Do you remember the days before caller ID existed and you'd call random numbers and be all, "Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it!" 

Well, a radio station in Seattle did the equivalent of that to a 49ers fan, tricking her into thinking her tickets for the NFC Championship Game had been revoked because she would be cheering for the wrong team, and caught it all on audio.

Whoever this Courtney chick is, she's my hero. She threatened to choke Flagg with her Kaepernick jersey after she got into the game, no matter what it took. That is the ardent dedication we're looking for.

This prank is actually not that far fetched since Seattle is blocking anyone with a northern California credit card billing address from purchasing tickets to the NFC title game. I am shocked that Pete Carroll would allow this, since he's been so upstanding and fair in the past, not allowing certain people to get unfair advantages over others. 

The audio of the call is definitely worth a listen if for nothing else than to hear the true undying passion of a sports fan.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]

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