Lynn Hoppes reportedly laid off by ESPN, Playbook to be shut down

While many of the ESPN layoffs on Tuesday came in departments (technology and sales) where you wouldn't recognize any names, one layoff is someone who is very familiar in the sports blogosphere: Lynn Hoppes, the former editor of Page 2 and current writer for ESPN's Playbook. Deadspin initially reported Hoppes' ouster, along with the news that Playbook is also being shut down.

During his tenure at ESPN, Hoppes will be remembered more for his missteps than anything else. He's the one that hired Sarah Phillips, essentially knocking over the first domino in that charade. He plagiarized Wikipedia several times, and ESPN did nothing about it (until now, I guess). He also namedropped celebrities ad nauseam in a video blog on ESPN's Front Row site, but that's probably the least offensive thing he's done recently.

As for the demise of Playbook, can you honestly recall something you read on the site? I personally can't. It'll be interesting to see if ESPN attempts to replicate Page 2 once again, which definitely had its fans, but I doubt they'll try it again. 


Joe Lucia

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