This is one of the funniest broadcast bloopers we've seen this year.  During Fox's national broadcast of White Sox-Twins on Saturday, an announcer was giving a brief biography of Chicago's starting pitcher Andre Rienzo.  The announcers were listed initially as Dick Stockton and Bert Blyleven, but it sure doesn't sound like either of them.  Perhaps someone can leave a note in the comments below on the true identity.  UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who confirmed it was indeed Blyleven.

Rienzo hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil, which leads the announcer to be in awe over MLB teams signing players from Europe and not just South America.


Just to make sure I haven't been lied to all these years, I did a quick Google search to confirm that yes, Brazil was still in South America.

Pictured: Europe


Verdict: Does not have Brazil

Pictured: South America


Verdict: Definitely has Brazil

H/T Mike B.

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