Reds analyst Chris Welsh channels his inner Don Cherry

Living within the Reds television market, I get to see a game from time to time.  However, I've never seen Reds analyst Chris Welsh (the crafty lefthander) wear anything remotely close to this outfit seen Tuesday night, but the suit seems to be a part of his rotation.  I believe Welsh has a "Bowtie Tuesday" tradition as well, but the colorful suit certainly adds another dimension.  Hey, if it works for Craig Sager and Don Cherry… why not bring it to America's pastime?  Actually, I'd take Welsh's suit over 90% of what Don Cherry wears on a regular basis.  Something about the shades of green and blue that go together quite well with this particular ensemble.

Thank goodness for Welsh, the Reds seem to be a little less strict on their dress code than the Diamondbacks.

(H/T BenShroyer, pic via nickpiecoro)

Matt Yoder

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