One of the funniest videos we've seen in a long time was longtime WFAN radio host Mike Francesa falling asleep on the air during an interview.  When Mike woke up, he gave us the best face in sports broadcasting since the Herbie Earthquake Face.  While the internet world poked fun at Francesa, it was understandable.  Who doesn't enjoy a quick workplace cat nap every now and then?

Friday, Francesa addressed the moment on his show and instead of laughing it off and admitting it, he called it "nonsense" and said he merely closed his eyes.   Sure thing Mike.  The nearly five minute long explanation and lecture is quintessential Francesa as he somehow winds up talking about being an award finalist.  That takes true talent.  For the record, old partner Chris "Mad Dog Russo" chimed in to say Mikey definitely fell asleep.  There goes any feint hope of a reunion.  

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