The Big Ten Network continues to be the driving factor in conference realignment as the cash cow looks to expand into larger television markets. Many have found the pilfering of second tier athletic programs to be overzealous while others have been critical of the programming and production quality as well as the lack of competent reporting surrounding major breaking stories.

While BTN certainly improved greatly after not covering the Penn State reporting, the photo above and the video below isn't going in the network's highlight reel. This interview for 'The Final Drive' aired multiple times without the error being caught. Katie Witham thinks she's talking to senior linebacker and captain Etienne Sabino. Unfortunately she's chatting with Evan Spencer, a sophomore wide receiver, who also happens to wear #6.

Awkward to say the least, from the introduction from the studio guys, to the on screen graphic, and the questions obviously directed to someone else forcing Spencer to smile and laugh at the situation as the interview ends. Of course, it couldn't help that there were 60,000 people on the field when the interview was taking place.

Oddly this isn't the first time that BTN has flubbed on Sabino. Earlier this year the network showed an unknown walk-on while showing the starting lineup of the defense.


If you're curious to who this man of mystery and disguise is, below is composite drawing we've had done by a professional sketch artist of what we believe the real Etienne Sabino looks like. Or you can do a Google images search on him. That would be just as helpful.

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