New feature time at AA boys and girls. (Stealing a slogan from crappy comic Bill Engvall) Have you ever seen someone holding up a sign at a sporting event that was just ridiculous? I know we have. Well, in the spirit of making fun of people (hey, it’s what we’re good at) we’re going to be re-creating (using our poor Photoshopping skills) Awful signs we see in the crowds of your favorite games (I’m looking at you college kids if Gameday comes to your town). We’re going to do our best to not make fun of kids (more like grown 40 year old white dudes) since they are just happy to at the game, and just post the sign. It’s your job to catch the Awfulness…..Fun Times! Onto the sign….

This one comes from said 40 year old white dude….A NY Mets Fan.

(The Eagles/Cowboys game should be fun!)