Michael Cole WWE commentator Michael Cole rocks out as CM Punk makes his long-awaited WWE return. Credit: WWE.com

The wrestling world is still buzzing over CM Punk and his epic return to WWE. After nine years away from the preeminent pro wrestling company, Punk returned with great fanfare after ‘WWE Survivor Series: War Games‘ this past weekend in his hometown of Chicago.

You can probably imagine plenty of people were stunned by Punk’s return. Thousands of fans in the building went crazy, and several of them posted reaction videos of them geeking out. So have YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and the like.

But how about those who were in the building with WWE? Like, say, Michael Cole, who was sitting at the announce table as always.

Luckily, we know exactly how Cole reacted to Punk’s return. WWE posted an announcer cam video of Cole and his broadcast partner Corey Graves on Monday while fans await Punk’s return to ‘Monday Night Raw.’ The company shared the video on YouTube as a short, and also posted to their official X and Instagram accounts.

Cole has had many moments at the booth where he’s shown high excitement and exuberance. His recent run of commentary over the last two years has landed him in favor of many WWE fans out there. His commentary has been critiqued heavily over the years, but he’s truly turned himself into a great wrestling commentator.

Being jazzed up for an unforgettable moment will no doubt help others relate to him too. By contrast, Graves’ stoic response is hilarious.

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