Nabil Karim announced earlier in January that he was leaving ESPN after a three year run on SportsCenter.

Now, we have news of his next stop: Turner Sports, where the broadcaster will host programming across multiple channels and sports.

Turner and Karim announced the move today, and Karim will be jumping right into the mix starting tomorrow:

Turner Sports has reached a multi-year agreement with Nabil Karim, who will serve as a host for NBA TV, while also contributing as host and reporter across basketball and hockey programming.

Karim was most recently at ESPN, anchoring SportsCenter and various other studio shows since 2019. He previously was an anchor and reporter for TSN – Canada’s leading sports network – showing his versatility in hosting SportsCentre and major sporting events.

Karim also spoke to The Big Lead’s Kyle Koster about the move, about which he sounds understandably excited. That he loves both hockey and basketball certainly helps, considering the current Turner portfolio:

“I think about broadcasters and I wonder how many of them, their favorite two sports are hockey and basketball,” Karim said. “Being a Canadian, growing up with hockey, that was 1a and 1b for me. When Turner acquired NHL and this opportunity came up to work in hockey and basketball, it was a no-brainer.”

He offered more on his personal Instagram page as well:


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Congratulations to Karim on the move, and you can catch him in his new role starting tomorrow night on NBA TV.

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