Up against the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, and Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN2 went outside-the-box and aired something you wouldn’t expect to see on Bristol airwaves.

Video games.

ESPN2 televised a gaming competition (or e-Sports if you’re so inclined) called Heroes of the Dorm.  It’s not the first time ESPN has gone down this route, but it sure got people talking…

Like everything else in society, pretty much half the population says this is the worst thing ever while others say it’s the greatest thing ever.

Really though, why not televise video games as smart counter-programming against live playoff action?  At least you’re offering something different that some folks might be interested in because they love video games or they’re watching out of curiosity.  I got hooked wondering what it would be like with Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery calling the action or Dave Pasch and Bill Walton.  (Please God let Bill Walton call a video game competition…)

Please God…

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