With the NBA Finals under way, Key and Peele are back with another parody of TV sports announcers. After nailing the macho, swaggering, inane banter between former football stars on NFL studio shows, the comedy duo takes on NBA broadcast teams at courtside in a new sketch released by Comedy Central. Check it out.

Key and Peele definitely capture the amped-up, frenzied energy of a NBA broadcast that has to follow action up and down the floor, along with the goofy catchphrases, dumb jokes and exaggerated laughter that populate the play-by-play and analysis.

But Key and Peele’s zingers and commentary — “watching adult men playing a simple child’s game,” “he made about $8,000 while doing that,” and “the high school dropout inbounds to the convicted spousal abuser” — could apply to any professional sport besides pro basketball. If anything, the comedy sums up some of the conflict that sometimes exist in being a sports fan, watching them achieve spectacular athletic feats while trying to ignore what awful people some of them can be in civilian life.

Maybe a parody of NBA press conferences with children participating is soon to follow? It’d be fun to see how Key and Peele take on the Riley Curry phenomenon.

The new season of Key and Peele premieres July 8 on Comedy Central.

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