File this under billion dollar corporations acting out their own high school drama.  The sports world was justifiably stunned with the report that ESPN was getting back into professional hockey by winning rights to the new World Cup of Hockey.  ESPN reportedly beat out NBC and Fox for the competition.  Of course, NBC has a long-standing relationship with the NHL after the league was jettisoned by ESPN.  And NBC isn’t happy about it.

In fact… GASP!… some NBC execs reportedly think the NHL waited until after the Super Bowl to inform the network so they could enjoy some Super Bowl hospitality without fear of any awkward social interactions.

The NHL and NBC are in the middle of a 10 year, $2 billion contract.  NBC is paying the NHL TWO.  BILLION.  DOLLARS.  And they’re upset over some free hors d’oeuvres in Glendale?  Hysterical.  If this is true it’s going to be really uncomfortable when the NBC and NHL higher-ups get together at the Stanley Cup Final.  Hopefully the NHL will still allow Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk some complimentary access to the catering area.

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