#DeflateGate is reaching peak controversy status as it led major national newscasts tonight.  The biggest developments today were the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady press conferences where both pulled their best Sgt. Schultz act and claimed to know nothing.  Brady’s claim was particularly noteworthy given he’s the quarterback and it’s his job to handle those balls with care.

(And breathe… and giggle like we’re all seven… and breathe again.)

Things got weirder in the aftermath to Brady’s presser as longtime QB and current ESPN analyst Mark Brunell got a little choked up in basically calling Tommy Terrific a liar.  Good thing he didn’t use those words specifically or he’d be suspended under the Simmons Corollary.

If you watch the entire segment, Brunell actually makes some really good points about why Brady’s POV sounds bogus.  But yea, that still doesn’t explain why he’d get so emotional talking about Brady’s deflated balls.

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