So this is a thing that happened.  Coming out of commercial during the first quarter of Seahawks-49ers, “America’s Game of the Week” (#trademark #branding), Joe Buck took the occasion to shred Johnny Manziel after his first career start.  From out of nowhere.  Also, he did it in some kind of weird, first person faux-comedic style that just came off as kinda mean-spirited.  Actually… it came off as very mean-spirited.  “Off to Canton ya go!”  Really?  C’mon Joe, it’s not like he mooned the fans in Green Bay or anything!

Maybe Buck was a little extra spunky because he just flew in after his first golf tournament working for Fox yesterday?  Maybe he has a Merrill Hoge-like hatred of Manziel we don’t know about?  Hard to say where this came from, but this felt like a return to the days of Joe Buck Live… and that’s not a great thing.