Reporting from the United Center after the Cavaliers’ dramatic victory over the Bulls in Game 4 of their series, Tony Zarrella of WOIO in Cleveland might have taken the hyperbole train a little too far.  Ok, he took the hyperbole train and drove it off a cliff.

In search of the perfect segue, Zarrella claimed that LeBron James’ Game 4 game-winner at the buzzer probably turned the lights out on the Bulls’ season just as the lights were going off in the building.

Really?  The lights are going out on the Bulls’ season?  Let’s slow our roll just a little bit.  The series is tied 2-2, Kyrie Irving is so far from 100% he might as well be Larry Hughes as LeBron’s wingman.  Iman Shumpert and James are playing hurt as well and at this point it’d be a minor miracle if the Cavs finished the series with enough healthy bodies, let alone win two more games.

A better segue might have been to talk about the lights going out in David Blatt’s head on Sunday.