You might have heard about the DeflateGate report being released.  You also might have heard that the Golden Boy himself, Tom Brady, probably had a role in the scandal and cheated to gain an unfair advantage.

The defense of Brady has begun with his father Tom Sr. telling USA Today that “this was FrameGate right from the beginning.”

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo got wind of the elder Brady’s comments and gave him the proverbial piece of his mind.  Russo also invited Brady Sr. onto his program, but he declined the offer.  At least that led to even more barking from the dog.

This is doggie at his best.  If he and Francesa are never going to get back together, at least give us more viral rantings from Russo aimed at famous athletes and their protective fathers.

UPDATE: Here’s another Russo rant that is even better than the first in which he invokes Barack Obama, Barry Bonds, and more.  For the love of all that is holy, turn your headphones’ volume down.

H/T Jimmy Traina

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