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Since first being announced last month, details regarding the joint streaming service featuring ESPN, Fox, and Warner Bros. Discovery have remained sparse.

Thus far, however, the company line has been for all parties involved to preach optimism, a strategy that has been evident during multiple appearances at Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference this week.

However, the president of UFC’s parent company has a different opinion on the joint streaming service. During his own appearance at the conference on Wednesday morning, Endeavor president Mark Shapiro expressed skepticism regarding how much of a game-changer the joint streaming service actually is.

“It’s not a criticism. But I think this WBD-ESPN combination with Fox is a big nothing. That’s what it is. It’s a big nothing,” Shapiro said. “It’s just another bundle out there. Who’s going to go pay $40, $50, $60 depending on what you believe to get half the NFL package?”

Again, details regarding what the streaming service will actually be remain sparse to this point. The motivation behind it appears to be that rather than cord-cutters having to subscribe to multiple streaming services to consume their sports, the bundle will provide a single option featuring content from three of the biggest sports rightsholders.

But to Shapiro’s point, sports content doesn’t stop with ESPN, Fox, and WBD. And those who subscribe to the bundle will still need to find a way to access the content that lives elsewhere.

“You’re not going to get one-stop shopping. You’re going to be missing a lot of stuff that’s on NBC and CBS,” Shapiro said. “So why would I get it? I might get it in addition. But it’s an expensive in-addition. So the idea that this is coming out and Fubo’s going crazy — going crazy about what? It’s another bundle.

“Yes, it’s got a lot more there on one package. But it’s not the end all be all. And frankly, for Disney, it’s just moving money. If I’m going to get that, I’m probably not going to go get ESPN flagship when that comes out. Or if I’m going to get ESPN flagship, I won’t necessarily need to get that big bundle from [Fox CEO] Lachlan [Murdoch]. There’s a lot being made out of it.”

Shapiro proceeded to reference comments made earlier in the week by Murdoch, who said that the joint venture was aiming for five million subscribers in its first five years.

“Five or six million homes in five years, which Lachlan told you the other day — I mean really?” Shapiro said. “What are we talking about?”

Shapiro raises some valid points, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of his comments is that he made them in the first place. Considering that ESPN is UFC’s exclusive television partner, it’s curious to see Endeavor’s president speak so dismissively of the same bundle that, in theory, would feature UFC content.

From that standpoint, it’s worth noting that — as Shapiro alluded to — the joint streaming service is already facing an antitrust lawsuit from Fubo. Could this be Shapiro’s way of quelling those concerns? Or could this be a negotiating tactic on his end, as UFC’s deal with ESPN expires next year?

Regardless of the motivation behind them — if there even is one — his comments are noteworthy. While many were initially under the impression that the ESPN/Fox/WBD bundle would revolutionize sports streaming, Shapiro seems to think that it will be business as usual.

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