Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers faces backlash for 'good girl' comment to reporter (Credit: Celtic TV on YouTube)

Generally speaking, the term “good girl” is typically used when you praise a pet, such as a dog that has followed a command. While saying “good job” might be slightly condescending, it’s a more appropriate and professional way to acknowledge someone’s accomplishments. Using “good girl” is overly familiar and can be perceived as dismissive, condescending, and even sexist, mainly when used by someone in a position of authority like a manager — Celtic’s Brendan Rodgers — towards a woman reporter in a professional setting.

Using that term saw Celtic’s dramatic late win against Motherwell over the weekend marred by controversy as Rodgers abruptly ended his post-match interview with BBC reporter Jane Lewis after she sought clarification on his earlier comments about the title race.

“There’s a story being written about this group, but we will write our own story,” Rodgers told Lewis.

Seeking clarification, the veteran BBC reporter asked Rodgers to elaborate on his previous statement. However, he responded dismissively, stating, “You know exactly what I mean.”

Undeterred, Lewis clarified, “I’m actually not sure I do know exactly what you mean. Can you tell us? People might be interested to know.” However, Rodgers repeatedly interjected with “No, no, no,” prompting Lewis to question further, “But you’re the one that’s bringing that up, so can you not give us some more on it?”

Abruptly interrupting Lewis mid-sentence, Rodgers concluded the interview with: “Okay? Done. Good girl. Well done.”

While Sky Sports reports that Lewis remained unfazed by being called “good girl” in the charged atmosphere of a post-match interview, fostering respectful and professional communication should still be paramount, and “good girl” falls short of that standard.

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