John McClain on Houtopia Football Podcast Photo Credit: SportsRadio 610 on YouTube

Longtime Houston radio host John McClain has been an icon in the local media scene for the better part of four decades. Unfortunately, he learned on Wednesday that his lengthy tenure at SportsRadio 610 in Houston will shortly be coming to an end.

McClain got his start in radio all the way back in 1985, covering the Houston Oilers for NewsRadio 740 for 15 years. He then moved to SportsRadio 610, where he has been for the last 24 years.

The legendary radio personality took to social media on Wednesday to inform his fans that he has been laid off, with his last show set to take place on Friday.

“This will take a few tweets,” wrote McClain. So please bear with me. For the first time in 24 years, I won’t be appearing on SportsRadio 610 because I’ve been laid off. Friday is my last day. I’d been making 6 appearances, writing 4 columns and doing 3 Houtopia Football Podcasts each week.”

In a series of 12 follow-up tweets on the matter, McClain went on to express his gratitude to his colleagues at the station over the years, as well as expressing that he has no ill will towards the station after this decision.

It will obviously be an adjustment for those in the Houston area who have grown up listening to him for such a long time.

However, this is very clearly not the end of McClain’s illustrious radio career, as he still has weekly shows in Nashville, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Waco, San Antonio, and Austin that he seemingly plans on continuing.

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