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The Cleveland Browns suffered another heartbreaking loss on Sunday, surrendering a late lead to the Seattle Seahawks in what was ultimately a 24-20 defeat.

But if there’s a silver lining when it comes to Browns losses in Cleveland, it’s that they often make for the best sports talk radio. That was evidenced by Monday’s episode of The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima on 92.3 The Fan.

A discussion regarding Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski — a popular topic in Cleveland — between the show’s two hosts quickly became heated. As Lima defended the job that Stefanski has been doing with quarterback Deshaun Watson sidelined for the better part of the past month, Carman argued that the head coach could still very well be fired if the Browns miss the playoffs. And that’s regardless of the circumstances.

“You’re not understand what I’m saying,” Carman said.

“I guess I’m not. I guess I’m having trouble,” Lima replied.

“You need to open your ears and listen,” Carman responded. “You know, exactly as I know, what the end result will be if they don’t make the playoffs.”

Carman than clarified that he doesn’t want Stefanski to get fired, but emphasized how nobody will feel better about moral victories in October if the Browns are out of the playoffs come January. As the conversation with Lima continued, he soon became enraged.

“I’m angry right now, but I’m not going to be stupid, Anthony, and demand for him to be fired in this position,” Carman said.

After Lima tried to reply, Carman cut him off.

“Hold on, hold on. You’ve held me off for a long time,” Carman said. “Listen to me.”

“Yeah, we’re having a conversation, Ken,” Lima replied. “That’s how it works. You go, I go. It’s not monologue radio. We have conversations here.”

“I know. Please teach me more about radio,” Carman responded.

After Lima accused Carman of trying to “make a moment” for the studio’s cameras, Carman swatted his camera away as the argument continued.

“I thought Stefanski gave a masterclass for 55 minutes on how the football stuff works, but the football guy is telling me, ‘You’re looking at one play,'” Lima said. “I’m like, ‘My God. That’s what average football fans say every day around the league.’ I’m just surprised to hear it from you.”

“Don’t you ever accuse me of that ever again,” an incredulous Carman said.

“Oh my God,” Lima replied. “It’s like the Daryl moment all over again.”

“I don’t care,” Carman responded. “Because you’re not listening, you just want to start some argument over Kevin Stefanski.”

You can watch the bulk of the argument in the video clip below.

While the argument may have crossed the line between entertaining and uncomfortable for some listeners, the reality is that this is sauce that makes the show work. Carman speaks for the emotional fan, while Lima is more levelheaded in a way that feels authentic to both of them.

Following any loss in a season full of expectations like the Browns’, those two approaches are bound to mix it up — although it’s been interesting to see Lima be the one to most forcefully defend Stefanski. Taking to social media, Carman seemingly accepted the blame for the dustup, writing, “Tiger got out the cage. I’m sorry. I’ll clean it up the rest of the morning.”

[92.3 The Fan]

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