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You’d be hard-pressed to find a better podcast guest than Maury Povich. So Pablo Torre, you sir, have outdone yourself. 

Povich’s show often featured sensationalized and lowbrow content, including the “Who’s the Daddy?” segment, which debuted in 1998. This segment involved DNA testing to determine the paternity of children and was often the subject of criticism. 

While the show often veered into what critics called trash TV, there’s no denying that The Maury Povich Show (later simply just Maury) had its place, particularly for those of us who were home sick from school.

Appearing on Meadowlark Media’s Pablo Torre Finds Out, Povich is brilliantly described in the podcast description as “You may remember him as the paternity-test king of fever-pitch daytime television.” Povich was asked by Torre to reveal the one that truly shocked him during the course of his show on daytime TV. Maury’s answer did not disappoint.

“It happened twice on the show, and I was at a loss,” the 84-year-old Povich explains. “A woman comes on and accuses a fellow of being the father of her twins…Since I’ve told you before—I don’t know the result—I open up the envelope and the guy is the father of one, but not the other.”

Torre could not contain his laughter.

As you can see below, the fellow (Eric) says that Regina (the mother of the twins) cheated on him when she got pregnant, and he denies her twin sons. In the case of two-year-old Nikolai, Eric was not the father. But, he was the father of two-year-old Darrien. Eric did cartwheels both times, to the absolute amazement of the audience. You can audibly hear in the clip provided by Torre that Povich has never had that happen on his show.

“The first time it happened, I’m looking around….How does that happen? Fraternal twins, lady could be quite active over a small period of time. You know, separate eggs,” Povich explained.

This is a thing that happens?

“Happened. Million-to-one shot, according to scientists that come on twice on my show,” he added. “Twice. And the woman was disbelieving. I said, ‘Look, I was disbelieving until 30 seconds ago, but I know that our DNA testing is correct, so therefore, you’re looking for another father.”

Thank you to Pablo Torre for finding out.

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