Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) and Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald). Screen grab: Happy Gilmore

Decades after Happy Gilmore swung his way into our hearts, a sequel to the Adam Sandler golfing comedy might be teeing off.

Last week, Christopher McDonald, who played the unforgettable villain Shooter McGavin, revealed on a Cleveland radio show that Sandler had recently shared a draft of a potential sequel with him.

Adding to the buzz, sportscasting legend Dan Patrick, a regular in Sandler’s movies, shared a message from the 57-year-old comedian. And while seemingly confirming what McDonald shared on The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima on 92.3 The Fan, he suggested in their correspondence that a Happy Gilmore sequel might already be in the works.

Patrick, in a likely playful jab, asked Sandler how much time to clear from his schedule for filming. Sandler’s response? Just a few days, but he’d keep Patrick updated on the script’s progress, which seems to be in the early stages.

Patrick merely told Sandler he was kidding when the comedian and his longtime friend informed him that he would be in the undeveloped sequel and would play himself.

From his correspondence with Sandler, Patrick said that it sounds like a “Go,” and he doesn’t know when. However, he mentioned that Sandler did talk about how he would be doing something at the end of the summer and would let him know. Patrick said that he didn’t know if this was what that was all about or if maybe Sandler had something else in store.

But if it is indeed the sequel to Happy Gilmore, Patrick shared that Sandler already knows that he doesn’t like playing himself in a movie. Patrick said that he’s mastered the role of himself and would rather play the villain or the love interest.

The conversation about Patrick’s potential role took a playful turn. When asked who he’d prefer to play him, Patrick joked that they’d write the character out if he weren’t interested. Seton O’Connor, one of the Danettes, playfully suggested Colin Cowherd as a replacement. Patrick countered, dismissing Cowherd as “not a golf guy” and suggesting Steve Sands from The Golf Channel might be a better fit.

“I could do the play-by-play of somebody who jumps in,” said Patrick in response to a suggestion about reporters throwing haymakers on the 18th hole. “Maybe you get Connor McGregor working in the booth with me, and then he jumps in and settles everything in Happy Gilmore 2.”

Patrick was met with direct silence.

“OK. Maybe not.”

This underscores why Sandler, not Patrick, is writing the script. With the project still in its early stages, any potential sequel at this current junction is likely a rough draft in the making anyway.

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