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Pat McAfee never had an issue with Dan Orlovsky before he joined ESPN, but now they’re colleagues and tension is brewing.

Orlovsky joined The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday afternoon and what began as a nice conversation, ended with the retired quarterback abruptly hanging up his phone. Moral of the story, be careful who you compare Orlovsky’s physical attributes to.

In a strange turn of events, Orlovsky recently found himself starring alongside Stephen A. Smith in a commercial for Denzel Washington’s film The Equalizer 3. Orlovsky and Smith are not in the actual movie, just a parody commercial to promote the film. McAfee applauded the performance Wednesday afternoon, prompting Orlovsky to claim there’s a famous actor that he looks like.

McAfee guessed “Michael B. Jordan,” A.J. Hawk said “Wesley Snipes” and show contributor Boston Connor chimed in with “Beetlejuice” from The Howard Stern Show, not Beetlejuice the character. But none of those suggestions was the answer Orlovsky was looking for.

“Who’s the actor from, I think he did 13 Hours and he was also in The Office?” Orlovsky asked. And as soon as the show realized he meant John Krasinski, they ribbed Orlovsky for thinking so highly of his looks.

“All you guys are talking like your 10s, dude!” Orlovsky ranted. “You guys hit me with Beetlejuice and Paul Giamatti.”

McAfee went on to also suggest Paul Walter Hauser as a lookalike for Orlovsky. No harm, no foul, however, because like myself, Orlovsky did not know who Paul Walter Hauser was. The interview seemed like it was going to continue cordially, until they put a picture of Paul Walter Hauser on the screen.

“Alright, I’m out dude,” Orlovsky said, seemingly annoyed at the show attempting to downplay his handsomeness. “I’m never coming on this show again.”

Orlovsky proceeded to hang up on The Pat McAfee Show and Paul Walter Hauser proceeded to catch an unfair stray.

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