Dan Orlovsky on The Pat McAfee Show

Everybody poops, just not when Dan Orlovsky is home.

Orlovsky was on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon and took the opportunity to share an intimate detail about his wife’s bathroom habits. During Orlovsky’s interview, a crash could be heard in the background, prompting McAfee to ask if someone fell in the toilet.

“No, it’s my wife upstairs shutting the dryer or something, she didn’t poop,” Orlovsky said.

McAfee then called Orlovsky’s wife “Tara” when her name is actually “Tiffany.” A gaffe mild enough to not be a big deal, but also awkward enough that it could have fully transitioned the conversation away from bathroom habits. Orlovsky, however, didn’t take the opportunity to flush the toilet topic.

“My wife won’t poop when I’m in the house,” Orlovsky shamelessly told McAfee and his large audience. “If I’m in the house, my wife will not go to the bathroom.”

McAfee was stunned. “The whole house?” he asked as his jaw dropped, prompting Orlovsky to double down on his declaration. Orlovsky’s wife could then be heard in the backround asking him to “stop talking about me pooping!” Seems like a reasonable request.

You’re telling me Dan Orlovsky can, allegedly, fart on national TV during a Monday Night Football broadcast, but Mrs. Orlovsky can’t, allegedly, do a number two while her husband is in the same house?

I imagine the Orlovsky’s live in a reasonably large home with several bathrooms. Can’t the ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback just be in another wing as his wife answers nature’s call?

We thought Orlovsky was being weirdly unfiltered last week when he willingly told the world that his bath towel serves about 30 dries before getting washed. But disclosing intimate details of his wife’s poop schedule took Orlovsky’s brazenness to a new level.

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