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Getting tired of talking about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Just wait until Chad Johnson sets Shannon Sharpe up with Kim Kardashian.

“You ain’t got no old lady, right? And I told you I was searching, I’ve been looking, I’ve been talking to some people,” Johnson told Sharpe on their podcast, Nightcap with Unc & Ocho. “I saw Kim K, she said like, ‘Oh, I’m looking for an older man after my separation from Pete Davidson.”

“Lord have mercy,” Sharpe responded with a smile.

But Johnson wasn’t just trying to help Sharpe fantasize. He really believes this could be a perfect match for the fact that Sharpe and Kardashian are both heavily invested in their careers and they can mutually agree to continue prioritizing work over relationships.

“And knowing what Kris Jenner can do,” Johnson added. “Y’all could be like the Power Rangers, a power couple, whatever they call it.”

Jenner, who is undoubtedly business and entertainment savvy, was even able to land Tristan Thompson a gig on ESPN. Sharpe is already on ESPN, so Jenner can’t help there. But the “momager” of the Kardashian empire would absolutely be able to foster a Sharpe-Kim K pairing into a national phenomenon.

Sharpe, however, seemed reluctant, claiming he doesn’t want to be the target of a diss track by Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West. But with Kanye having already remarried, Johnson insisted that’s not something Sharpe has to worry about.

“Before I make this call, think about what happened with Travis Kelce. Understand, Taylor Swift came into his life and everything exponentially shot up,” Johnson said. “Think about what Kim and that entity itself can do for Club Shay Shay? Let me know before I make the call.

Still appearing hesitant to mingle with the Kardashian empire, Sharpe noted that Kim recently said she was looking for someone in their 40s, which he is not.

“You’re Black, right?” Johnson asked. “So, whatever age you are, you look 40. So it don’t matter because we age different, we age gracefully. Our 50 is really 40, sometimes 30 depending on who you are.”

The math checks out. Sharpe does not look like he’s 55 years old, and there aren’t many people in their 40s who are in better shape than the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

But there are bigger hurdles. The first being Sharpe’s rule that his dates are not allowed to fart in front of him. Ironically, earlier this year, Kardashian revealed her fear of going to a Mexican restaurant for a first date and “farting up a storm.” If she fears farting in front of her date, the pressure of knowing Sharpe will immediately break up with her for passing gas might be too much to handle.

The other hurdle is that Stephen A. Smith crushes over Kim Kardashian. We’re barely one month into the Stephen A. Smith-Shannon Sharpe partnership on First Take, ESPN doesn’t need them to spark a feud after attempting to court the same woman.

Hurdles aside, Sharpe just doesn’t seem interested in taking Johnson up on his offer of placing a call to Kardashian. “I’m too private,” Sharpe said while acknowledging what the possible relationship would do for his podcast subscriber base.

Alas, dating Kim Kardashian definitely is not for someone who seeks to keep their private life private. Which means Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will remain the world’s preeminent Power Rangers, or power couple.

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