Former Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim on ACC Network's broadcast of Clemson-Georgia Tech. Former Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim on ACC Network’s broadcast of Clemson-Georgia Tech.

The resemblance between Jim Boeheim and Bernie Sanders is uncanny, so much so that Larry David could play both of them on Saturday Night Live.

So, it’s only reasonable to think that the former Syracuse head coach would get confused for the United States senator (I-VT) from time to time. It just so happens that ahead of ACC Network’s broadcast of Clemson-Georgia Tech, the crew of Boeheim, Cory Alexander and Wes Durham dined at the same Atlanta restaurant where Boeheim was confused for the then 2016 presidential candidate nearly eight years ago.

Boeheim didn’t like how Durham was recounting the story before he took over.

“I was sitting there with my son and a couple of other people, and this guy comes up, and he says, ‘Hey, great year; you’re doing an unbelievable job,'” recalled Boeheim. “And I’m feeling good; I don’t think we were that good either. Anyway, then he goes, “Well, good luck, Bernie,’ and walks away. My son still laughs about it. It was eight years ago.”

Of course, Boeheim’s son, Buddy, told the story to his former Syracuse teammate Joe Girard III — now at Clemson — who, according to Alexander, made sure he let them know about that story earlier Wednesday.

That left Alexander touting “Bernie-Boeheim” for 2024, saying he was on board and that his broadcasting partner would get his vote. Of course, if he ran as a third-party candidate, the 79-year-old Boeheim would fit right in with the presumptive Democrat and Republican candidates for President.

“I think I’m a lot better looking, by the way,” quipped Boeheim.

It looks like Jim Boeheim will never be able to have dinner at that same Atlanta restaurant without hearing that story again.

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