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Mike Francesa is officially off the Donald Trump train and if Republicans want to win the next presidential election, they should consider joining the former WFAN radio host.

In 2016, Francesa was a staunch Trump supporter, believing the polarizing businessman and media personality was “a builder” out to build a better country, not someone just looking to feed his ego. Seven years later, instead of doubling down or claiming, ‘I nevah said that!’ Francesa has deemed Trump “unelectable.” The former WFAN radio host made his 2024 election prediction while responding to a listener email on his The Mike Francesa Podcast.

“I don’t know if the people who will vote – remember the staunch diehards are the people who vote in the primaries – Those are your diehard members of your party,” Francesa said. “I don’t know if enough of them have come away from Trump to where someone else can win. And really, you’re talking about one person winning right now. The other candidates, none of them have a chance to win.”

“There’s one candidate that has a chance to unseat Trump,” Francesa continued, seemingly referring to Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). “But do they come to a realization that in the general, Trump is unelectable because of what went on at the end of his presidency? I believe he is unelectable because of what went on at the end of his presidency.”

Francesa’s former radio partner, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has donated to Chris Christie’s presidential campaign. Despite not having a realistic chance at being the Republican nominee for president, the former New Jersey governor and WFAN fill-in host has been one of the loudest anti-Trump voices as he attempts to earn GOP primary votes.

“Even if he wins the primary and gets the nomination, I do not think he will win the general,” Francesa said of Trump. “He will lose. I firmly believe that. I don’t know if the Republican party and the diehards believe that, but I firmly believe that. I do not think he can win.”

Francesa was not shy about endorsing Trump in 2016, promoting the fact that they had been acquaintances for more than three decades. The iconic radio host even repeatedly boasted about parking Fred Trump’s car while working at the Atlantic Beach Club as a teenager before he became friendly with Donald later in life.

But Francesa’s opinion of Trump the politician appeared to take a stark turn in March 2020, when he blasted the president’s inept handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Francesa ultimately voted for Biden in the 2020 election. And while Francesa seems unlikely to vote for the incumbent, he surely won’t be endorsing Trump as the Republican nominee.

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