Peacock's exclusive broadcast of the Week 16 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Chargers. Photo Credit: Peacock Photo Credit: Peacock

Saturday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Chargers was the first NFL game that was exclusively shown on Peacock, a streaming service owned by NBC. Naturally, there were a ton of NFL fans who weren’t overly thrilled about this.

The trend of NFL games being shown exclusively on select streaming services was obviously started by Amazon buying the rights to Thursday Night Football, which began last season.

NBC decided to try its hand at using its own streaming service, Peacock, to show Saturday’s primetime matchup. And fans quickly pointed out a number of issues.

Firstly of course is that those who didn’t already have Peacock needed to subscribe to the streaming service in order to watch the game. Some fans opted not to watch the game at all because of this.

Another issue is that it was simply confusing for some fans. The matchup earlier in the day between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals was on NBC. And some fans just assumed that this game would also be shown on NBC, not just exclusively on Peacock.

Another controversial choice by NBC was its selling point for the game, a commercial-free broadcast on Peacock for the fourth quarter of the game.

The large majority of fans would obviously love to watch NFL games without any commercials in between. The issue however is that instead of commercials they simply cut to the NBC studio team, which wasn’t very well received by most fans.

As far as the actual broadcast on Peacock, there were also issues there. A number of viewers took to social media to share the poor picture quality they had at times with the streaming service.

The only saving grace for this broadcast was that the actual game on the field was a pretty compelling one. The Bills were able to come away with a 24-22 victory in a close game throughout.

Unfortunately for NFL fans, this will not be the last time they will have to deal with a Peacock exclusive broadcast this season. NBC has already announced that it will be airing a Wild Card Playoff game exclusively on Peacock, which will surely draw even more negative feedback.

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