Michael Sartain Michael Sartain on Short and to the Point

We’re trying something different this week.

There isn’t much sports talk this week, but host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews relationship expert and life coach Michael Sartain. Jessica and Michael discuss a wide range of topics including describing what “modern dating” is, developing a healthy relationship, having too much dating advice, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 2:03: Welcome Michael to Short and to the Point
  • 2:16: Defining “modern dating”
  • 7:52: Lack of courting
  • 13:17: Coinciding having a career and having peace
  • 15:06: Giving advice to a woman to be more feminine
  • 16:51: Lack of trust in relationships
  • 21:45: Needing the ability to walk away
  • 23:30: “Stop giving attention to women because you are attracted to them”
  • 28:49: Making a good first impression without making it all about looks
  • 32:06: The irony of a man constantly used to being around beautiful women
  • 35:01: Ratings
  • 37:38: Drama
  • 40:14: Having a crush or being bored
  • 43:27: OnlyFans
  • 46:14: Being lovebombed
  • 50:21: Being overloaded with dating advice
  • 55:22: Not trusting your heart
  • 57:00: Monogamy
  • 1:02:41: Divorce
  • 1:05:13: Evolution of sports talk radio
  • 1:08:42: Sports as an escape

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