Joel Berry II Joel Berry II on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews ACC Network studio analyst and former North Carolina Tar Heel Joel Berry II. Jessica and Joel discuss a wide range of topics including playing for the Tar Heels, college athletes having a platform, ACC realignment, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 2:17: Welcome Joel to Short and to the Point
  • 2:26: Being described as a “Carolina basketball legend”
  • 3:39: Specifically expressing wanting to have name in rafters at UNC
  • 5:37: UNC legends Joel was drawn to when he played for the Tar Heels
  • 7:11: The “Tar Heel Way”
  • 9:37: Pressure of playing at North Carolina
  • 10:59: Influence of Joel’s dad on his life
  • 13:07: Being a selfless basketball player in high school
  • 15:21: Fans seeing something special in high school
  • 16:47: Not making it about yourself
  • 17:57: Getting rid of the “noise”
  • 19:57: Mentally adjusting to the fact of not playing in the NBA
  • 21:50: Coming to grips with telling people closest to you basketball is over
  • 24:51: Getting into broadcasting
  • 26:22: Entering basketball and now covering basketball during the evolution of social media
  • 30:00: North Carolina’s 2023-24 season
  • 33:13: Forgetting about the moments that lead to the end result
  • 35:17: Benefits of collegiate athletes having a platform
  • 37:33: Importance of Cormac Ryan defending RJ Davis
  • 39:27: Getting to know one another
  • 42:09: John Calipari
  • 44:30: Fans who spend more time watching college sports than pro sports
  • 47:28: ACC realignment
  • 50:21: Cameron Brink
  • 53:22: Not understanding UNC-Duke rivalry at first

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