Rich Eisen Rich Eisen on the Awful Announcing Podcast.

Host Brandon Contes interviews NFL Network’s Rich Eisen. Brandon and Rich discuss Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan, Aaron Rodgers playing for the New York Jets and appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show,” being Stuart Scott’s friend, doing play-by-play for NFL Network, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :34: Winning the “Awfulie” for Best Sports Radio Personality
  • 6:00: Michigan Wolverines and the sign stealing scandal
  • 12:09: Does Rich get bothered when he’s asked about Michigan’s sign stealing?
  • 12:55: Connor Stalions
  • 14:02: Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan
  • 16:39: New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers
  • 18:42: Where will a Jets Super Bowl rank in Rich’s life?
  • 21:19: Thoughts on Rodgers during the NFL season
  • 23:26: Rodgers on Pat McAfee
  • 26:13: How Rich would interview Rodgers
  • 31:01: Should Jets advise Rodgers to not go on McAfee?
  • 33:05: Does McAfee’s audience match ESPN’s audience?
  • 34:54: Robert Saleh and Joe Beningo
  • 38:32: NFL playoff game on Peacock
  • 42:23: Could Super Bowl be someday behind a paywall?
  • 43:16: NFL equity stake in ESPN
  • 46:35: Competing for eyeballs in conjunction with ESPN
  • 48:03: Feelings it’s been over 20 years since Rich was at ESPN
  • 50:04: Chemistry with Stuart Scott
  • 51:49: Remembering Stuart
  • 54:20: What would Stuart be doing today?
  • 56:17: “The Rich Eisen Show”
  • 1:02:31: Hosting style
  • 1:05:42: Doing play-by-play
  • 1:11:03: Is there any difficulty going back and forth from radio host to play-by-play commentator?

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