Michelle Beadle Michelle Beadle on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews Michelle Beadle, former host of many ESPN shows and current co-host of Beadle and Decker on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. Contes and Beadle discuss a wide range of topics including LeBron James trying to get Michelle removed from NBA Countdown, Rachel Nichols replacing Michelle on NBA Countdown, Stephen A. Smith’s constant trashing of Max Kellerman, dealing with Gregg Popovich, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown

  • :53: Being on SiriusXM
  • 2:06: Post-ESPN hiatus
  • 4:34: Appeal of daily sports radio
  • 6:13: Excitement about being nervous on the job
  • 7:05: Cody Decker
  • 7:46: Chemistry with Decker
  • 8:49: Craig Carton
  • 9:34: Returning to TV?
  • 10:34: LeBron James
  • 11:04: When Michelle found out LeBron tried to get her fired from “NBA Countdown”
  • 11:42: Did LeBron have any influence in “NBA Countdown” staffing decisions?
  • 12:48: Rachel Nichols replacing Michelle on “NBA Countdown”
  • 13:01: Did Nichols influence ESPN to take Michelle off “NBA Countdown?”
  • 14:23: Michelle replacing Sage Steele on “NBA Countdown”
  • 15:56: ESPN failing to produce a good pre/postgame NBA show
  • 17:26: Would Michelle want to replace Ernie Johnson on “Inside the NBA?”
  • 18:28: Expectations for “Get Up!”
  • 20:13: Could Get Up have taken off if was given time to succeed?
  • 21:10: Watching football again
  • 22:01: Mike Greenberg showing off his Jets fandom recently
  • 23:16: Colin Cowherd
  • 25:04: Max Kellerman
  • 26:47: Stephen A. Smith
  • 28:25: What’s worse? Trying to get someone fired by talking behind their back or going public?
  • 29:10: Working out of the studio for “Beadle and Decker
  • 30:00: Working with the San Antonio Spurs
  • 30:24: Skip Bayless and dealing with Gregg Popovich
  • 32:15: Bigger detriment to sports media: Skip Bayless or Gregg Popovich?
  • 32:53: Tom Brady/Fox
  • 34:10: Does Michelle still want to get into politics?
  • 35:40: How to change the world?

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