Buster Olney Buster Olney on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Guest host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews ESPN MLB reporter Buster Olney. Jessica and Buster discuss a wide range of topics including the slow pace of the MLB offseason, Scott Boras taking some losses in negotiations, helping Buster Posey be more media friendly, and more.

NOTE: We recorded with Buster on Friday March 22, so in between recording and posting, some details about the Shohei Ohtani/Ippei Mizuhara gambling story have been updated.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :43: Baseball coverage changing over the years
  • 2:26: Relationship with players changing
  • 3:55: Clubhouse access
  • 6:00: Waiting around
  • 7:42: Covering Chuck Knoblauch during the “yips”
  • 9:30: Helping Buster Posey be more media friendly
  • 12:57: Embracing players as people in terms of social media
  • 14:16: Benefit to players having their wall back up?
  • 15:06: Embracing social media at the start
  • 16:04: Do the positives outweigh the negatives on social media?
  • 18:01: Buster being able to separate from work in his personal life
  • 21:06: This offseason compared to past years
  • 23:52: Who is a “middle class” MLB player?
  • 25:36: Players speaking up
  • 26:35: Buster’s take on a salary cap in MLB
  • 27:45: Top paying players involved in salary cap discussions?
  • 28:52: Scott Boras conspiracy theory
  • 31:26: TV concerns
  • 32:52: Increase in opt-out contracts
  • 34:54: Shohei Ohtani
  • 38:23: Ippei Mizuhara gambling scandal
  • 40:42: Personal relationship with an interpreter
  • 42:47: How would this go if it didn’t involve Ohtani?
  • 43:33: Not really unchartered territory
  • 45:20: Shock factor of Ohtani news
  • 46:42: Joey Votto
  • 48:49: Reds not bringing Votto back
  • 49:56: Votto’s potential post-playing future

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