Deadspin has probably had better weeks, especially on social media. But the Twittersphere has taken some fiendish delight in being upstaged by Senator Ted Cruz earlier this week. While Deadspin likely thought that would go away after responding to Cruz as could be expected, people have not let this spat simply fade away. The fervor with which Twitter has gone after Deadspin has been surprising, but also extremely entertaining.

Editor Tim Marchman was typically defiant against the backlash, asserting that those leaving tweet-by attacks didn’t have the courage to send him a personal email or perhaps even contest him physically.

Someone who can definitely do some pushups and spent plenty of time in the UFC octagon is recently retired MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. We don’t know if Kennedy sent an email to Marchman, but he certainly responded on Twitter.

Marchman hasn’t tweeted since Kennedy responded. Read into that what you will, if you so choose.

Muscle flexing aside, what made this so amusing was Twitter not letting this go. Even in tweets that had nothing to do with the Cruz story or response, fans kept reminding Deadspin that Cruz (or his social media staff) got one over on them. This is just a mere sampling of the wave of Cruz-related pushback. There are so many more in response to each of the tweets we embedded below.

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