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You might have noticed that G/O Media has initiated AI-generated articles in some of its publications. As the world spins for the media publishing company, Thursday delivered an interesting article on Deadspin.

Deadspin writer Sam Fels penned this article, which, just from the looks of the hyperlink, came off both mockingly and satirical. Then you look at the article’s title: ‘The St. Louis Browns lose in the funnerest way possible.” Funnerest, of course, is certifiably not a word.

Based on how it was written, it became undeniable that Fels was mocking the recent wave of AI articles that’s begun to rise. The article takes several nonsensical tangents in different directions and goes into lists — very timely and topical after Wednesday’s AI drama. The article closed with a statement, “Just like the real thing! I’ll be with you forever!”

Fels took to Twitter and, in doing so, noted, “Also, in case they make it impossible to find again, I’ll leave you the screenshots.” Fels posted screenshots of the article to the tweet included.

This is not the most insignificant stand to take right now. AI-generated content is becoming a very touchy subject for good reason. Eliminating jobs like writing and otherwise poses enormous risks to those in the writing metroplex. The sports world is likely not numb to this either, and the fact that it’s swept in as it has is foreboding to many.

(And that’s to say nothing of how it’s affected Hollywood, as Marvel’s Secret Invasion came under fire for its use of an AI-generated title card recently)

Beyond that, the content generated mostly has trouble finding an audience that wants it. Thus far, there’s really no indication that anyone does. Standing up against it is both an easy stance and a reasonable one right now.

G/O Union protections might be assisting Fels here from getting outright fired from Deadspin for mockingly writing a post against the directives of higher-ups. Or, at least, not appearing to worry a bit about that.

But this feels like yet another pivotal point in G/O Media‘s future, as one has to wonder what could possibly come next.

[Sam Fels]

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