Sportsnet's Gene Principe reacts to exploding cannon Photo credit: Sportsnet

There’s only one proper way to react when a cannon explodes behind you and one sports reporter perfectly exemplified that Thursday night.

With the Edmonton Oilers playing in Columbus, Sportsnet reporter Gene Principe was introduced to the Blue Jackets’ cannon, which goes off before every home game. Principe clearly knew he was standing in front of a cannon for his pregame hit because he was prepped with a bunch of cannon puns as he recited the report. But knowing you’re in front of a cannon that’s about to go boom isn’t necessarily enough to stop you from reacting to the boom.

“They will be mortar-fied if they’re not victorious tonight,” Principe said of the Oilers. “They will empty the chamber and they for sure will be firing all kinds of shots this evening against Columbus trying to make sure…” [Insert boom here].

And as the cannon went boom, Principe reacted as such, nearly falling backward, flailing his arms in the air, and letting out an appropriate scream. “Sorry, did you say something?” Principe joked on Sportsnet while holding his ear.

The cannon appears to explode as it lets out a large spark amid a big “boom” sound. But apparently, the explosion sound actually comes from the rafters, not the cannon itself. It definitely fooled Principe, however.

Unfortunately for the Oilers, they were left mortified by the Blue Jackets, losing by a score of 4-2 even though they emptied the chamber with 31 shots on goal.


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