Michael Bublé, one of four celebrity co-captains at the NHL All-Star Game, took a press conference over with talks of fantasy hockey and mushrooms. Photo Credit: Julie Stewart-Binks Photo Credit: Julie Stewart-Binks

The NHL All-Star Game held its draft today, with the four team captains choosing who will be on their teams for Sunday’s game at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. At the press conference after the draft, singer Michael Bublé stole the show.

Bublé, the celebrity co-captain of Team Hughes (captained by New Jersey Devils star Jack Hughes) was on the dais with Will Arnett, the celebrity co-captain of Team McDavid (captained by Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid.

Matt Larkin of Daily Faceoff queried Bublé.

“Michael, you referenced tonight being in first place in your fantasy hockey league,” Larkin said. “My sources tell me that might not be completely accurate. But I wanted to ask you — how did you use your fantasy knowledge tonight to strategize in the draft?”

Bublé took it from there. Things started innocently enough.

“Matt, I’m in more than one hockey league,” he said. “In the LHL, which I’m in with you, I happen to be in fifth place. Even though I had no first overall pick, first pick even, I didn’t even have a first-rounder. And I still did what I had to do because of my genius. Second, I am first place in the FHL, [my] other fantasy hockey league.”

Then things took a turn an interesting and funny turn.

“Third, my buddy told me, ‘This is just a microdose of mushrooms.’ And he was lying. So, I’ll be honest, I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time that I was out there until it sort of settled down. And then I realized, ‘Holy ****. I am at the NHL All-Star Game.'”

[Steven Ellis, Photo/Video Credit: Julie Stewart-Binks]

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