CREDIT: Altitude Sports

A few weeks back during a Colorado Avalanche game, disaster struck in the broadcast booth.

Avalanche broadcaster Mark Rycroft took a drink from what appeared to be a cup of coffee or tea, which is not uncommon for broadcasters to keep their vocal cords soothed during a game.

The problem for Rycroft? He grabbed the wrong cup and instead took a big swig of play-by-play man Marc Moser’s discarded tobacco spit cup, or chew spitter.

Thanks to Altitude TV’s Vic Lombardi, we have a video of the horrifying incident.

Almost immediately, you can see that Rycroft realizes he made a huge mistake and has to spit it out and then immediately attempt to rinse his mouth out with other drinks. Moser also made sure to clean off the lid with a tissue after his partner inadvertently put his mouth on it.

Both Rycroft and Moser kept going with the broadcast as if nothing ever happened, which is a testament to both men. Most people would have either been doubled over with laughter at that happening to their friend or they’d be horrified and need to get to the nearest trash can as soon as possible.

The lesson here is to always make sure you know which drink belongs to you, especially if there are multiple similar-looking cups. It could be the difference between a refreshing sip of tea and a disgusting sip of dip spit.

[Vic Lombardi]