Adam Thielen's shoe. Not a flag.

The Minnesota Vikings fell to 4-5 on the season with a 31-28 loss to the Dallas Cowboys (now 3-7) Sunday, but their final offensive play had players, broadcasters and fans all thinking there was some hope for longer than there actually was thanks to receiver Adam Thielen’s lost shoe (which was gold) being confused for a penalty flag. That happened on the Fox broadcast and both teams’ radio broadcasts, and  the Vikings’ sideline got in on it too, which probably led to some of the confusion. Here’s some of the tweets about it:

That’s quite the occurrence, and quite the way to lose. This came on a fourth-and-six deep pass to the one-shoed Thielen (who had made several impressive plays earlier in the night, including a one-handed grab), which fell incomplete. And with that yellow material on the ground being a shoe rather than a flag, it meant the Cowboys took over with 1:18 left and were able to kneel out the clock.

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