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Days after tweeting Aaron Rodgers to the Jets “is done,” Trey Wingo isn’t concerned about being criticized for the fact that Aaron Rodgers still isn’t a Jet.

Monday afternoon, Wingo sent the NFL world into a frenzy when the former ESPN host tweeted, “hearing Rodgers to the Jets is done.” Jets and Packers beat reporters, as well as popular NFL insiders such as Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport, all countered the tweet by claiming a trade hasn’t been completed. And as the hours and days went by without a deal being finalized, Wingo  started to receive some social media criticism for possibly jumping the gun.

After Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show earlier this week and pledged allegiance to the Jets, it gave some credence to Wingo’s report. That’s despite the fact that the deal is yet to be completed, as both franchises continue to quibble over compensation. Wingo joined The Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio Thursday night, and took a mild victory lap after being asked about dealing with the criticism he faced throughout the week.

“Look, I’m sort of in a way where I don’t really care, you know? Say whatever you want. I knew the information was solid,” Wingo told Gelb. “The same sources that told me that if Randall Cobb doesn’t sign in 2021 he’s not going back there, it was the same person that told me all the other stuff that happened around the 2021 draft – same people, rather. So, I knew the information was good. It was just a matter of letting it play out.”

Aaron Rodgers wants to be a Jet, the Jets want Aaron Rodgers to be a Jet, the Green Bay Packers want Aaron Rodgers to be a Jet, but to this point, Aaron Rodgers is not a Jet. Wingo reported “Rodgers to the Jets is done,” he didn’t report Rodgers confirmed he wants to be a Jet.

All signs point to a deal eventually being reached, but if the Jets and Packers can’t agree on compensation, the trade isn’t done. Wingo, however, maintains that it’s still a matter of when, not if. While some insiders have stated the Packers may try to hold Rodgers until June to lessen their cap hit, Wingo believes Green Bay wants 2023 NFL Draft capital to help new starting quarterback Jordan Love.

“I think it’s gonna be faster than you think,” Wingo said on The Zach Gelb Show. “The same sources that were telling me what was gonna happen, were saying they were hearing Rodgers was gonna be in New York by next week.”

Wingo has yet to tweet, “Rodgers will be a Jet by next week,” a report that would surely create another NFL firestorm.

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