Mike Greenberg discusses Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee captivated a nation of football fans Wednesday afternoon with his interview of Aaron Rodgers. But no one loved it more than ESPN’s Mike Greenberg.

24 hours after Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss his NFL future being held in limbo by the Green Bay Packers, Greenberg joined the podcast and gave his over-the-top reaction to the conversation.

“What your wife and I have in common is that we are both glowing because we are both expecting,” Greenberg said, comparing himself to McAfee’s pregnant wife. “A blessed event is going to come into my life much as it has in yours. I would describe that interview you guys did with Aaron Rodgers yesterday, in the annals of my life, I would put it directly behind the birth of one of my children and directly ahead of the other one. It was right in there. It was that kind of day for me.”

Many people will read or listen to Greenberg’s comments and assume they were made in jest because there’s no way someone listened to Aaron Rodgers ramble for an hour and said to themselves, “this is as life-altering as making a human.” But deep inside Rodgers’ hour-long ramble came the statement that he wants to play for the New York Jets. A stunning development for every Jets fan who has repeatedly watched the franchise fall over themselves to be dubbed a laughingstock.

A die-hard Jets fan, Greenberg recently declared he will embark on a darkness retreat if his football team ultimately acquires Rodgers, a promise he should be held to. Greenberg added that he would consider chopping off his pinky toe for Rodgers, but stopped short of offering to sever his penis if the Jets acquire the 39-year-old quarterback. In the days leading up to Rodgers declaring he wants to be Jet, Greeny was seemingly struggling to handle the stress, as reported by his wife.

I get the excitement if Rodgers officially put on a Jets jersey during his interview with McAfee. But that interview confirmed Rodgers wants to be a Jet, the Jets want Rodgers to be a Jet, and the Packers want Rodgers to be a Jet. Yet all three parties are struggling to make it happen, which has me as a Jets fan feeling anxious and constricted more than excited.

But good for Greeny that he was able to shed some of his stress on Wednesday. If just hearing Rodgers declare he wants to be a Jet rates near the birth of his children, what will happen if and when Rodgers is eventually introduced as a member of Greenberg’s favorite team? Amid the excitement, hopefully he’s able to refrain from chopping off a limb.

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