Tony Romo criticized for bizarre Bills-Steelers interception sequence (NFL on CBS)

When Tony Romo wasn’t praising Mason Rudolph and misusing literary terms, he was literally cheering in the broadcast booth for his beloved Buffalo Bills. Yes, the CBS Sports analyst was right about the Bills running the table, winning the division, and hosting a home playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that didn’t make his antics in the booth any less bizarre.

During the first quarter of Monday afternoon’s game, Pittsburgh was already trailing 14-0 when Rudolph threw an incomplete pass, which was intended for wide receiver Diontae Johnson. The ball bounced off the ground into the arms of Bills safety Micah Hyde as Romo could barely contain his excitement about a possible pick-six.

While Romo jumped up and down in the booth, it was ruled an incomplete pass. And to the surprise of, well, absolutely nobody, Romo’s boastful praise of the Bills nearly coming away with an interception was met with criticism.

Although Romo’s enthusiasm adds energy to the broadcast, it also creates a potential conflict of interest. What many have perceived as strong allegiance to Josh Allen and the Bills has already subtly influenced his analysis, as we saw him overemphasizing their successes.

This raises questions about fairness and impartiality, especially when calling crucial plays like the near-interception, for which Romo was jumping up and down in the booth like a fan.

Romo’s passion for the game is undeniable, but striking a balance between enthusiasm and professionalism is crucial. He can maintain his excitement while ensuring his commentary remains fair and objective. The issue here is not being able to check his preexisting biases about Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills at the door, even if he was right about them to begin with.

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