Tom Brady Jun 9, 2022; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) participates in a press conference during mandatory mini camp at AdventHealth Training Center Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady has managed to avoid too much media criticism during his storied NFL career, but he still appears to be keeping receipts on those who did have something negative to say.

Sunday night, NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth took a mild shot at Brady as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled on offense against the Arizona Cardinals. After Brady threw an errant pass, Collinsworth seemed perplexed by the performance and compared it to LeBron James missing a layup.

On the latest episode of his Let’s Go! podcast with co-host Jim Gray for SiriusXM, Brady addressed brushing off fake media narratives, noting “most people don’t have all the information and there’s some bias with that.”

“A lot of people, they’re just trying to fill the airwaves and fill time and fill space,” Brady continued. “Not that they don’t have a credible opinion, it might not be credible to me, but for them it’s credible and you respect the things that are positive, you respect the things that are negative. You may not agree with them, but that’s just part of this job.”

While Brady claims he respects the media, the 45-year-old quarterback added that he really doesn’t care about what they have to say. When asked directly about the criticism from Collinsworth, Brady cited his looming media deal to be the lead NFL analyst with Fox, which takes effect whenever he finally decides to retire from playing.

“I’m gonna get a chance to cover some games here shortly, at some point,” Brady reminded the audience. “So maybe I get a chance to fire back at everyone else. That’s natural for a commentator to have his opinion. Whether you agree with it or not, that’s just an opinion.”

Look out, Cris Collinsworth, Brady just might have something interesting to say after all when he arrives at Fox.

While Brady hasn’t received a lot of criticism throughout his career on the field, many in the media have been critical of his $375 million deal with Fox. Most media narratives surrounding Brady’s job in waiting have centered around the his mundane personality and propensity to avoid saying anything headline worthy. But if Brady is going to be a “scathing” analyst who keeps receipts to fire back at his critics, then maybe he will be bringing more than just a well-known name to the booth.

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