Tom Brady has won many, many more games than he’s lost throughout his career.

As such, we don’t have many examples of Brady in defeat. Today, we got one, and while it’s not the biggest deal in the world, it’s a nice little look at just how much Brady despises losing.

After a fairly rough outing against the Washington Football Team, in which the Bucs went down 29-19 as Brady threw for two touchdowns (but just 220 yards and two interceptions), Brady was a bit short with the media during the post-game press conference. And by “short with the media”, we don’t just mean curt answers, although there was a bit of that.

Rather, it was just a literal short press conference, ending in just under a minute. The team posted it to their YouTube channel, which you can watch here. But that version omits the final few seconds when Brady steps away from the podium.

If you want the full version, you can watch that here thanks to Sporting News:

That version, in which you can hear a media member question whether that really was the end of the presser, paints a different picture than the team’s upload. Listen, Brady has given a lot to the media over the years. There’s only so much he’s going to say up there that is going to be helpful to anyone filing a gamer, and he parachuted in and won a Super Bowl in Tampa (with this year’s team still 6-3), so it seems unlikely that the fans are going to give a shit that Brady didn’t spout platitudes for a few more minutes after a midseason loss.

But it’s a data point regardless, and it’s worth sharing just for the objectively funny moment a reporter realized Brady was truly going to be gone in sixty seconds.

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