New York Jets' Mike Williams gets a breakfast sandwich Photo credit: New York Jets

New York might have a lot to offer when trying to recruit a pro athlete. But for Mike Williams and the Jets, an egg sandwich did the trick.

The Jets signed Williams to a one-year contract worth up to $15 million on Tuesday. And apparently, fans have social media user @NYJ_Matt to thank for getting the deal done by ordering a Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwich for Williams and DoorDashing it to One Jets Drive.

Shortly after the contract was finalized, the Jets’ social media team put out a video of Williams eating the sandwich, where the 29-year-old wide receiver acknowledged, it was the Taylor Ham, egg and cheese that got the deal done.

“Am I trying this right now?” Williams asked after he was handed a paper bag containing the egg sandwich. “I am kinda hungry, I’ll take a bite of something.”

Williams took a bite and instantly became giddy, chuckling out loud over how good the Taylor Ham, egg and cheese sandwich tasted.

“Where this place at?” Williams asked. “It’s good. This what got the deal signed right here.”

The Jets’ facility at One Jets Drive is located in Florham Park, which is probably why the breakfast sandwich featured Taylor Ham. It’s Taylor Ham in northern New Jersey and pork roll everywhere else. And if the Jets were actually located in New York like their branding suggests, it would have been a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. You can at least get Taylor Ham and pork roll in New York City. But if the Jets were still on Long Island, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person ordering either at a bagel store or deli.

Kudos, however, to @NYJ_Matt for winning Williams over with his Taylor Ham, egg and cheese order. The Jets superfan and podcaster, via the Broadway Jets YouTube channel, went through great lengths to make sure the order made its way to Williams. Matt kept his social media followers posted on the sandwich’s whereabouts and helped the driver navigate through the facility. The buzz it created even got to Williams before he arrived at the Jets’ facility, which probably helped keep the wide receiver from raising an eyebrow when he was handed a random brown paper bag.

And if you haven’t heard of @NYJ_Matt before, he’s the one who fooled numerous radio shows and media outlets in New York a few years ago by tweeting Adam Gase accepted a job to become the offensive coordinator at Lincoln High School in his hometown of Ypsilanti, MI. Gase was never heading to Lincoln High School to be their offensive coordinator, but the tweet was believed by quite a few people.

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